Vision for Wisdom-driven Intelligent Technology

What is “Wisdom- driven Intelligent Technology” for developing quality of our life?

With the Coronavirus pandemic we are at a make or break moment in the history of global human civilization. In this challenging critical transformative moment, global human civilization cannot afford to fail.

Until now, global civilization has been driven by competitions of profitability for narrow own groups rather than long term sustainable global evolvability to nurture collaboratively with deeper fundamental level of understanding. Corona crisis has woken us up to realise the fundamental nature of global environment how much she can buffer and how far we have already crossed her red line. Intelligence was taken for technological innovation with effectiveness measured as efficiency for competitiveness of profitability, but less concerned for True Value Creation by Wisdom.

What is Wisdom? Own truly fulfilled quality of life is the most important resource to drive the required transformation in a form of global institutions to become sustainably functional. We must use our sensitivity, communicability and respect to own and others’ lives.  This is a great opportunity for the transformation. It is the source of the wisdom of evolution for all.

Unless we take care to appreciate the value of self, family and friends, community, democratic functional society, we cannot develop own sovereign society. Through Corona Crisis we have become acutely aware this fact via matter of life or death of own loved ones. We are truly learning to understand how much we are interdependent globally, which makes us humbler and respect diverse culture and nature in the world as a globally connected protecting network of (institutional) ecosystems, and symbiotic life – non-life information ecosystem for this value development / evolution.

But also we are changing our behaviour and priority as desperate to save lives even halting the socio-economical functions. Our goal is clear for all and unified. At the same time we are seeing the consequences of cleared pollution from the air, freeing animals to wider spared habitat, efficient streaming of international conference without jet-lag, with more family time. We are given the needed civilizational reflection on the impacts and consequences of own behaviour on the globe. We must learn, understand fundamentally and decisively change collaboratively coordinative for what drive sustainably evolvable civilization for human, environment and globe all together for long term.

Wisdom must bring the evolution of real functionality through our behavioural changes and affirming institutional framework changes.

This time without mistakes, we must be wiser, more humane and enjoy building for sustainably evolvable global civilization.

How to achieve Wisdom-driven Intelligent Technology

Multidisciplinary research, innovation and design approaches

Solution oriented approaches must bring real value creation.

1) Safety of human life, family and home, through securely protected meaningful connection information network and sustainable global functionalities must be guaranteed accountably through healthy democratic design processes.

2) Within these secured safety frameworks, individual develops truly fulfilled life with one’s agency as a responsible global citizen to contribute to further the development of the society.

3) Development and evolution in relation between life quality, society and environment must be guaranteed. These are human nature and nature of evolution as global civilization fully expressing her potential.

4) To realize these, wide multidisciplinary approaches are needed to develop effective processes, structural strategy and (institutional) infrastructures building within the system function.