The need is urgent when you consider the current challenges and opportunities:


Changes triggered by the increasing speeds and deepening of scientific understanding and technological revolutions are causing fundamental dramatic shifts in people’s lives and functions in society both positive and negative.  We need to understand these current changes and build and guide these to collaborative integrity in evolution of quality of personhood, and human society and global info-socio ecosystem. Technology must serve to help for evolution of human, culture and global symbiosis.


We live in the evolutionary process of a globally interdependent ecosystem in which all elements of living and non-living are interdependent. The chances and the qualities of living our lives are totally dependent on the health of this ecosystem. When we understand and interact healthily and we learn to act responsibly, we evolve together with this globe. It is this generation’s responsibility to generate a true evolutionary synergy from our technological advancements and scientific understanding.


Human society on the globe has been expanding and affecting the health of the globe, ecologically, internationally, local community, family and personally. Routine work, intermediary functions, certain management markets are replaced by robots or internet tools. Business models, job markets, life styles, human interactions are dramatically changing and dynamically diversifying. These inevitably affects us in our understanding of ourselves and our way of living.


We value the quality of our own subjective lives much more than our ancestors did. We are aware about our lives, limited to about a century, in the context of global evolution. We are expanding our understanding of our own mind functions and the impact of new tools like online social networks, that expand and evolve the possibility and depth of our life experiences. This makes it possible to manage our life and career to develop with deeper fulfillment. This process allows us to fully engage and enjoy the opportunities of our living by our own ways and express our full potential with deep fulfillment. Further own true fulfillment could be deepened by connection to ourselves, others and society.

Public and private institutions:

Individual potential with true fulfillment can only be fully expressed in democratic society. Certain sets of conditions need to be met, such as.

  • Social safety net to allow people to explore and express their potential without fear (universal basic income system).
  • Investigative journalism to facilitate transparency to stop corruption in all sectors.
  • Liquid feedback/democracy [ ♠ ] infrastructure to support further evolution of democracy by citizens (shortening the time delayed from the occurrence of incidents or/and problems to starting the debate/agenda/legalization /correction process, which are not fixed but always flexibly improving to the best available = liquid).

Maturation of these systems brings one true internationally functional interdependent socio-political system. If we express our own aspiration, passion and fulfillment we can build the future democratic society with greater transparency, inclusiveness and fairness.

This is what EMLS RI wants to aim towards.