‘It is the fundamental right of each and every one of us to live own Calling and deepen true fulfillment
by contributing to a future global society with own World Vision.’

Dr Yohko Hatada

Every individual has a tremendous potential to live and experience a deep fulfillment with pursuing own truest passion by which consequently advance the world democracy and evolve the globally interdependent ecosystem. When each of us creates an environment which allows us to express our true authentic love and passion, every one of us and the whole world starts to flourish and evolve.

The purpose of Evolution of Mind, Life and Society Research Institute (EMLS RI) is to enable and support each of you, and our society to express those potentials fully in authentic ways that give you the deepest sense of fulfillment.

Here, we research and propose effective and efficient paths of alternatives for humanization and democratization of social mechanisms and systems.

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  • CHALLENGES – Why the Evolution of Mind, Life and Society is important in today’s world
  • MANIFESTO – EMLS RI proposes new structured systems to effectively and realistically transform our international society and globally interdependent ecosystem into an evolvable whole.
  • PROJECTS – Based on the manifesto, the Evolution of Mind, Life and Society Research Institute (EMLS RI) is carrying out research into how to support individuals express the full potential and for society to support each and every one of us.



2019 – Present ECPAIS (IEEE Ethics Certification Program for Autonomous and Intelligent System)
  • The goal of ECPAIS is to create specifications for certification and marking processes that advance transparency, accountability and reduction in algorithmic bias in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS).
  • The three areas for which ECPAIS is developing criteria and processes for a Certification / mark are: Transparency in A/IS; Accountability in A/IS and Algorithmic Bias in A/IS.
  • Hatada contributes all the three expert working groups: Certification for Transparency, Accountability and Algorithmic Bias.
2018 – 2019 European Parliament Research Services, Science Technology Options Assessment for “A governance framework for algorithmic accountability and transparency”.
  • Report on policy options for governance of algorithmic systems based on review of
    current state of the art, focusing on algorithmic impact on democratic processes and human wellbeing.
  • Four policy options are proposed to address:
    1. awareness raising;
    2. accountability in public sector use;
    3. regulatory oversight;
    4. and global coordination for algorithmic governance
2017 – present IEEE P7003 Standard for Algorithmic Bias Considerations working group
  • This standards project working group is part of the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics for Autonomous and Intelligent System.
  • Dr. Hatada leads two sections: “Conception and Conceptualization of project”, “Psychology and Culture”.
2015 – present Alternative Global Future Society. Needs for Paradigm-shift to E HDS: Evolvability of Humanity, Democracy & Symbiosis of life-nonlife-information
  • Individual identity develops through living own Calling in Life-Work with own World Vision.
  • Society should guarantee a political environment where each individual and all global citizens flourish to their fullest potential.  Each individual agency and sovereign society must constructively enhance each other through / in the global political economic financial monetary legal functions and institutions.
  • Research proposing alternative global future society and the paths towards them.
2013– present The importance of agency and its societal condition for “Calling Right”
  • The importance of “Calling”, searched and defined true connection to the self which gives authentic peaceful fulfilling confidence of integrity within the self and makes one want to contribute to the world with own passionate talent. Calling is the guide for life-long individual development with desire to live own true life, contribute and create the world by own World Vision of a better world.
  • Development of programmes to help individuals and global society using based on academic expertise of evolution, development, adaptation; cognitive computational neuroscience, neuroscientific consciousness studies, ecology, system sciences; Buddhism self-science, metaphysics and practice system; music anthropology; political / cultural understanding through working in the West and East.

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