Democratic Socialism

Democratic socialism is a mechanism for transfer from the current capitalism to the above value system. There are two issues: current monetary value system and fair distribution system.

A. Supporting systems

i. Universal Basic Income

a. Financing issues for transition:

To shift from super capitalism to democratic socialism,   the super-wealth needs to be distributed, not only within the nation, but also globally due to the inequality that has been generated historically, politically and by narrow self-interests of public and private institutions. Currently national taxation systems all over the world are not functioning.

b. Principles for Solutions:

  1. Salary inequality should not go beyond a certain level since private sector services implicitly depend on the clients/public health and interests. We are equally interdependent as human beings to exist, as businesses to function sustainably and without sustainably of the globe. -Interdependent principle.
  2. If the public / clients / environment is more healthy, the services of private businesses also flourish. All the parties on the symbiotic global ecosystem start to truly function, develop and evolve. All these considerations are taken as value and distributed fairly. – inclusive, fair, intelligent sharing principles.
  3. Also importantly, future society will not need many of the maintenance jobs, instead more creative jobs will emerge which only human creativity and innovativeness can solve to further our civilization. This requires each individual to be able to engage in trial and error exploration for certain duration in their lives without fear of not having enough money to try risky entrepreneurs and experimental businesses. Most important value is mental and creative freedom and its supportive system. – Creativity principle

c. Method of Solution:

If everyone is supported by a universally guaranteed basic income for entire life with entire guaranteed welfare, then these principles would be realised with relative ease for the required transition. = Universal Basic Income.

d. Realisticness:

Now in the EU they are collecting signatures to show the number of supporters of Universal Basic Income. These signatures will be submitted to the European Parliament to have Universal Basic Income put on the EU agenda. Therefore it is not impossible to use Universal Basic Income as a financial basis for individuals to build their life and career with own genuine passion.

ii. Investigative Journalism

In any system in human history, concentration of power has generated corruption. To avoid this kind of problem, a healthy checking system needs to be in place. Investigative Journalism is a vital part of such a watchdog system.

iii. Law making for proper controls and regulations

As a principle, private and corporate institutions must not to be monopolies, not be beyond a certain size, if they grow beyond that certain size they should be split or become public service/domains with obligatorily total information transparency under future information, material, computation technology and social engineering.

Mechansisms: Liquid feedback/democracy system (see below)

iv. Liquid Feedback/Democracy system

Liquid democracy [ ♠ ] in governments and liquid feedback in institutions provide the communication infrastructure to build healthy governing function by

  1. Transparency for every member, institution, nation and international group at any time and about anything upon inquiry of private/public functions which affect public life.
  2. Absorb the members’ idea/criticisms with all directionalities that are digested and give constructive feedbacks to the original inquirer.
  3. Adaptive: Respond to the better suggestions and modify to the best available at the time with the shortest time delay to improve while the problems are emerging.
  4. Predictive: the adaptive response must be as shortest time delay even start to emerge due to current data analysing ability.