EMLS RI is established in order to address the following:

  1. Human civilization generated information technology (computing and internet) is an exponential accelerator of complexity in the information ecosystem.
  2. Achieving global consensus would be extremely difficult due to regime differences, competition principle and historical power inequality.
  3. Information technology revolution with power concentration brings an inevitable final blow to human civilization.
  4. Thus, it is our single human civilizational responsibility now, without any delay, to take the right path.
  5. The right path is to shift our paradigm from competition to cooperation. It is the primary necessity to create value to evolve globally sustainably for all by all collaboratively. Otherwise, the path will bring us to end civilization.
  6. The principle is Humanity and Democracy to create value, and Life-NonLife-Information Symbiosis for continuous global Evolution, as nature already has brought us here. (HDS E)
  7. Paths: Maturation in national politics, Globalization & individual/international citizenship
  8. National transformation in political maturation – national politics must support global projects and international citizens’ creativity:
    • Maturation in party politics, and electoral institutions. Social democracy for citizens guaranties social security which allows inevitable revolutionary social experiments through necessary institutional transformations. Only then can long-term stable societal development become possible to imagine. Jobs, housing, transportation, education, health care, medicare, information services, quality of life with Calling must be respected and guaranteed for all.
    • Digital environment guarantee: Basic internet service must be under public service. The governance must observe net neutrality and be transparent, as analogous to clean drinkable water since water and clean information are necessary globally for all as basis to maintain healthy democratic civilization and further to develop for long-term. Best governance practices and their regulations would lead global practice/cultural transformation, like seen in GDPR from EU to global, and Taiwan’s Liquid Democracy [ ♠ ][ ♦ ].
  9. Global transformation through global New Deal Projects –  Global infrastructure building reduces conflicts among different regime nations, developmental state of economy and political power. When power of global markets increase and expand equitably, win-win in global economy strengthens integrity of global civilization. This could ease the transition to  the functionally integrated global civilization.
  10. Individual transformation to international citizenship – these paradigm shift movements described above are nurtured by individual citizens’ agency [ ♥ ][ ♣ ] development with their World Vision as a conscious citizen to lead next global civilization with full understanding of current high risks and the duty of care. Agency
    [ ♥ ][ ♣ ] of each individual and sovereignty of organization are aligned and become connected with the passionate sense of duty of care to build the future global society value creation and evolution.