True Value

What is true value?

To appreciate the individuals’ potentials, a value shift is required from monetary profit to individual fulfilment, generating autonomous development forever. This comes from understanding of our basis of existence itself “life evolution brought us humans on this globe which we are experiencing and enjoying now”.

Monetary profit/GDP, which is temporary and artificial, cannot express true global symbiotic evolutionary value in society. We are one on this planet earth as a part of the solar system and Milkyway Galaxy in this universe. Thus the global ecosystem on earth, all different forms of life and the history of evolutionary process of 4.5 billion years, are irreplaceable treasures. We can add to this with harmony but we do not have any legitimate right to destroy any of these. When we respect and enhance these, we feel internal peace, fulfilment and we grow and evolve ourselves. These are the measures of value:

  1. Each individual’s wellness in spirit, peaceful fulfilment with harmony, deep ever growing passion, wanting to connect, care/share/dare action, interest, happiness
  2. Democratic society
  3. Evolvability, as measured by an ever increasing healthy symbiotic ecosystem.


These can be made into Measuring value index points and numerated.

  1. Individual fulfilment index: Subjective report, objective measuring
  2. Societal wellness index: health, life length, baby mortality etc, . Community connection/care/spirit health
  3. Ecosystem health index: air/water/ cleanness. Biodiversity.