Self Science and Practice

Self-science and practice

Self is THE most important thing among all in your life, because: 1. Your subjective fulfilment and happiness is the most important for you. You know yourself most. 2. You can use your own feeling moment to moment. This is the shortest feedback system for your own function as well as for the entire system. 3. You can learn, develop, and evolve yourself for yourself by yourself. The learning itself produces system evolution at the same time in the most efficient and enjoyable manner. This is the most natural evolutional process in our globally interdependent ecosystem simultaneously in time, ecosystem space, and function.

Use science, metaphysics, art, experience, self- training, exercise, practices, and methodologies you learnt, mastered, modified and developed by yourself to make yourself an autonomous developer. Then you learn meta-methodology through your own understanding of yourself, experience, experimenting and generating own unique world view and vision of how to improve self and the world. i.e. learning and development of yourself by implementing your own developmental methodologies. You evolve by your own way.

  • Development: improvement from on given material.
  • Evolution: improvement by adding a new emergent (newly generated quality) property

What is “Self Science and Practice”?

The programmes combine three approaches: 1. Critically analytical methodologies of science, 2. skilful mind function for execution and 3. Amalgamation of each strength by yourself with developing of your own unique execution principles of true calling

  • Self-ScienceScience “about yourself” developed “by yourself” “for your self”
  • Practice: Understanding yourself must lead to action to cause positive influence/effect in yourself and others/ environment, preferably as career.  Execute your calling with skilful mind function, develop it through integrated mind and body function development and leadership development.
  • Amalgamation of the above approaches helps you to develop your own programme BY YOURSELF. Develop your self-understanding, self-reliance, self-innovativeness and unique skill sets based on your own wisdom developed by yourself.
  • Fundamental: not “how to” skills but solutions for your life long development with your own execution of true calling. Flourishing individual’s callings brings societal evolution.
  • Support each other for long-term development: deepening / development / adaptability of self could take some time, while society is changing dramatically.