EMLS RI is established in order to progress individual potential and to promote truly fulfilled life.

To this end, a combination of Principal philosophies needs to be employed. Here the structured components of evolution are built from the individual to society rather than the traditional approach that is the other way around. This is also the principal basis of ”Socialistic Democracy” (explained below).

  1. Self-science and practice: At an individual level there is Self-science and practice
  2. True Value: To appreciate the individuals’ potentials, a value shift is required from monetary profit to individual fulfilment generating autonomous development forever
  3. Socialistic Democracy: At the societal level of functions, socialistic democracy is the better paradigm for the expected future society, more suitable than the current capitalism
    1. Supporting systems: Revolutionary social engineering requires systems for executing ideals with functional feedback mechanisms and integration mechanisms
      1. Universal Basic Income
        1. Financing issues for transition
        2. Principles for Solution
        3. Method of Solution
        4. Realisticness
      2. Investigative Journalism
      3. Law making for proper controls and regulations
      4. Liquid Feedback/Democracy system
    2. Measuring value index: Checking if the functionality of the system is as desired for the original plan and for finding possibilities for improving directions, achievable scope / distance, or identifying fundamental flaws.

1. Self-science and practice

Self is THE most important thing among all in your life, because: 1. Your subjective fulfilment and happiness is the most important for you. You know yourself most. 2. You can use your own feeling moment to moment. This is the shortest feedback system for your own function as well as for the entire system. 3. You can learn, develop, and evolve yourself for yourself by yourself. The learning itself produces system evolution at the same time in the most efficient and enjoyable manner. This is the most natural evolutional process in our globally interdependent ecosystem simultaneously in time, ecosystem space, and function.

Use science, metaphysics, art, experience, self- training, exercise, practices, and methodologies you learnt, mastered, modified and developed by yourself to make yourself an autonomous developer. Then you learn meta-methodology through your own understanding of yourself, experience, experimenting and generating own unique world view and vision of how to improve self and the world. i.e. learning and development of yourself by implementing your own developmental methodologies. You evolve by your own way.

  • Development: improvement from on given material.
  • Evolution: improvement by adding a new emergent (newly generated quality) property

2. True Value

What is true value?

To appreciate the individuals’ potentials, a value shift is required from monetary profit to individual fulfilment, generating autonomous development forever. This comes from understanding of our basis of existence itself “life evolution brought us humans on this globe which we are experiencing and enjoying now”.

Monetary profit/GDP, which is temporary and artificial, cannot express true global symbiotic evolutionary value in society. We are one on this planet earth as a part of the solar system and Milkyway Galaxy in this universe. Thus the global ecosystem on earth, all different forms of life and the history of evolutionary process of 4.5 billion years, are irreplaceable treasures. We can add to this with harmony but we do not have any legitimate right to destroy any of these. When we respect and enhance these, we feel internal peace, fulfilment and we grow and evolve ourselves. These are the measures of value:

  1. Each individual’s wellness in spirit, peaceful fulfilment with harmony, deep ever growing passion, wanting to connect, care/share/dare action, interest, happiness
  2. Democratic society
  3. Evolvability, as measured by an ever increasing healthy symbiotic ecosystem.

These can be made into Measuring value index points and numerated.

  1. Individual fulfilment index: Subjective report, objective measuring
  2. Societal wellness index: health, life length, baby mortality etc, . Community connection/care/spirit health
  3. Ecosystem health index: air/water/ cleanness. Biodiversity.

3. Socialistic democracy

Socialistic democracy is a mechanism for transfer from the current capitalism to the above value system. There are two issues: current monetary value system and fair distribution system.

Since the discussion about the financial inequality between the super wealthy vs “the 99%” gained popularity, suggestions have been made that the super-wealthy should give a part of their wealth back to society. At this moment, often they donate a portion of their wealth to charities and foundations, for tax reduction. But there are usually strings attached, e.g. the money cannot be used to support efforts to stop global warming, etc. If it is not for reasons of tax reduction, charitable giving usually serves their self-interest by giving themselves name and fame. So this is not fundamental enough and only allows the current corruption to grow further.

We need a fundamental paradigm shift which Socialistic democracy represents. Basic protection of life maintenance and finding happy fulfilled quality of our life should be guaranteed in society in order to make it a basic right to find and pursue own genuine passion. Luxury is the part that is supported by capitalism with fair competition and monetary value measurement. This is the starting point. As the technology advances and society progresses, socialistic support will increase. When the system does not work well, liquid feedback needs to intervene and makes corrections and improvements.

A. Supportive system

Substructures of functions of the supportive system to realise and maximise the individual subjective fulfilment with true value, are as below.

        1. Universal Basic Income
        2. Investigative Journalism
        3. Law making for proper controls and regulations
        4. Liquid Feedback/Democracy system

With financial supporting basis, creativity will flourish. This will allow new positive systems to emerge if we can remove negativities of the status quo, which is what investigative journalisms serve. The new  creation must be anchored by law and international law to build up better society and globe. The dynamic fluid fast responding correction mechanisms (Liquid Feedback) for wrong, faults, failures, or misdeed will serve the short time delayed international system improvement. The feedback system will absorb all the people’s diverse opinions, constructive criticism and suggestions and make the democratic best solutions for inclusive fair fast improving democracy.

B. Measuring value index

Why we use a Value index?

By indexing, we can compare, visualise and understand who/how/what is changing on time in life, set goals in more detailed manner, with scheduling and time goals. We can numerate and study statistically in various ways as any existing index. We can easily improve the methodologies in qualification and quantification, changing components, stats methods, also reflecting back to our life quality to improve further.

How can we measure the true value index?

Value is measured by Liquid feedback system by all the interested individual, private/ public institutions, states, international society.

We can start from the existing methodology with our suggestions. By looking at the results and correcting how close the value is expressing what we want to express and care, we improve the methodology all the time.