Anyone who feels

  • weak/loss of living inspiration;
  • constantly putting off true fulfilment for the future;
  • never thought about life-work with true passion and fulfilment;
  • confused about what is most important in own life;
  • difficult to make decision / prioritize
  • empty after finishing a big project or life work;

Want to 
– find out own deep passion
-find out how to unify your passion in your life-work
– find out how to unify your passion in your life-work and society
– clarify your vision of your future
– unify / align your true passion, life-work, life with society, global society, globe of the future
– be the creator of the future

What you gain 

  1. An understanding of the true nature of the self, with innate / absolute confidence within your self.
  2. Identify your own Calling
  3. as your life-work.
  4. Clarify and align / integration of self, human relation, life-work, societies, globe, development / evolution for all.
  5. Live in own authentic way: “Self-Science and Practice”.
The programme starts with
A FREE introductory 1h event. The “Find & Execute True Calling” seminar explains the principle of fundamentals of finding calling in your life including

  • self-understanding,
  • basis of healthy confidence,
  • ego-self-emotion-suffering,
  • the nature of function of the mind,
  • psychodynamics in life long development,
  • what is Calling
  • what is authentic life-work
  • be the creator of yourself by your own way

Full “Find own Calling” programme includes
2 days in a weekend, 2h/w for 10 weeks or freely arranged by request

  1. Workshop  “Find & Live Calling”   (includes questions, dialogue)
  2. Supporting development of the calling, after completion of the course

Price of service packages

  1. Free 1h taster (45min lecture, 15min questions) contact
  2. 2 day weekend intensive course 10am-5pm (£400 or £200/d) contact
  3. Continuous workshop, 2h per week for 10 weeks 20£/w contact
  4. Freely arranged workshop for individuals 2h per week. contact
  5. Freely arranged individual consultation on request  £100/45min.  contact
  6. Individual lecture, seminar  contact
  7. Media interview  contact